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Spokane County Medical Society Foundation Launches Wellness Program - (509) 720-6000

The practice of medicine is a highly stressful occupation. Doctors carry a relatively high degree of emotional stress, but seek help to a lesser degree and at a later stage than other professional groups. This can be deleterious for themselves, their families and for their patients.

The Spokane County Medical Society Foundation Wellness Program is designed to address the barriers that typically prevent physicians and physician assistants from getting the help they need.  The purpose of the Wellness Program is to create a safe harbor where physicians and PA’s can seek the help they need and deserve. The program provides counseling and coaching services that are tailored to individual needs: it is quickly accessible at the convenience of the physician/PA, confidential, free for members, private and minimally constrained by record-keeping. 

Physicians are often concerned about confidentiality and privacy.  The call is anonymous; the only person who will know your name is the care provider.  The setting can either be in one of our independent psychologist’s office, or if you are not comfortable with that location, the setting can be in a private, comfortable, soundproofed setting at the Medical Society, with its own private entrance and exit specifically built for this program. 

No information is disclosed to others and no electronic billing records are kept.

With flexible hours, it is convenient and easy for physicians and physician assistants to access this restorative service.

The Wellness Program psychologists are experienced in counseling physicians and other healthcare professionals, and are generally available quickly as urgency dictates. 

The keystone components of the Wellness Program, tailored specifically to physicians and PA’s, creates a safe harbor to obtain help. Its features include:

               • 24/7 access.  Appointment callback within 24-hours of request.  Before and after clinic/office hour appointments are available. 

               • No insurance is billed and no electronic record is created in an EMR system.

               • Private setting: counseling in the independent provider’s office or in a dedicated, private entrance, soundproofed room within the
                 Spokane County Medical Society offices.

               • Free to SCMS members (first eight sessions), and at contracted cost to non-members.

               • No information disclosed to others without the physician's written consent (imminent risk of danger to self or others excepted).

               • No role in disciplinary or fitness-for-duty evaluations.

               • Fast-track referrals available to local primary care physicians and specialists.

               • Coordinated referrals to other programs, resources and agencies as applicable, indicated or desired.

 Additional Resources include:

     Wellness Resources

                - Contact information for existing community programs by focus/services

                (i.e. Addiction Services, Marital Counseling, Grief Counseling, etc.)

     Education & Training Resources

                 - Physician/Physician Assistant Specific

                 - Family Specific

     Business Resources

                 - Contract negotiation, business structure, partnerships, HR, etc.

     Litigation Resources

                 - Attorney resources, risk mitigation, counseling, etc.

NO PROBLEM IS TOO SMALL!  Marriage or family issues, practice frustrations, unexpected patient outcome, a letter from MQAC, contract negotiation irritations?  If it is a problem affecting the wellbeing and practice of a local physician or physician assistant, then it is a problem worth talking to someone about now.

Access is simple: 

  • Call our 24-hour dedicated hotline at (509) 720-6000 staffed by a professional in behavioral health. 
  • Identify that you are a physician or physician assistant wanting to access the Spokane Medical Society Foundation Wellness Program. 
  • There may be a few questions to help get you to the right professional, but never your name. 
  • You will be given the name and number of one of our independent providers.
  • Leave your contact number with that provider and they will contact you directly to arrange an initial appointment.
  • It’s that simple and that anonymous.

The Wellness Program is just one more way that SCMS is serving our members and the health our community.

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