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Outgoing President's Message - Spring 2018

By John F. McCarthy, MD | Outgoing SCMS President

It has been an impressively fast-paced year from my perspective as the Immediate Past President of the Medical Society. It’s not one that allowed as much quiet time for reflection and contemplation as I might have appreciated. It has been one filled with changes, realigning of goals and re-a¨rmation of our mission statement. In my first Message note, I discussed an appreciation of our Mission Statement, which states to “fairly and objectively serve as a guardian of community health and wellness while leading and promoting the professional practice of medicine...”

I have been impressed with the SCMS Board’s commitment to this mission statement, and I have been impressed with the physicians in this community who have voiced support for this mission. After our period of deep introspection, we will be looking to hone in on how we can operationalize some of these things.

In order to keep you abreast of some of the changes completed this year, I would like to share some with you. We have moved away from a model with a CEO, and together with our foundation, we have tightened up personnel such that we have two rather than four employees. Our two amazing employees, Karen and Shelly, have taken cuts to 80% time. All of this was completed to increase our fiscal viability and we think we have done so while continuing with most of our most important services.

We did this at a time when we felt it important to cut membership dues. We had been the most expensive society in the state with respect to dues (this came from a period of time when we were credentialing all the doctors at all the hospitals). This is no longer the case and it became necessary to align dues with what we were offering in value. We strongly believe they are aligned appropriately and ask you to encourage your colleagues to consider joining the society. We believe we will o¸er you and your patients an appropriate return on investment for your engagement, and our patients and community will be better for this.

As we have cut dues, we have also created a realistic balanced budget that we believe we will be able to follow. This is in contrast to some of our transitional years; we have completed the transition.

Cutting dues while balancing the budget; perhaps the society should help the federal government you are thinking? Sorry, we have honed what we are doing for our community and we have focused in on what our constituents requested through our introspective discernment. We believe this is the course most suitable for our society. I am pleased that our colleague, Brenda Houmard, MD, is looking to lead us as we operationalize our transition. She has been engaged and is engaging, and I encourage you to read her comments about what the path ahead will look like.

It has been my honor to serve as a lead for the county society. I have gained more than I have given. I am optimistic about the future in new ways, and confident that you have a board and leadership that will advance us along our journey in a fashion that will continue to support our mission; a mission that underscores the work we do in this community.

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