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President's Message

By Deborah Wiser, MD | SCMS President


Welcome to summer, society members! Our The Message issue this season will include an update on SCMS happenings, past and future. I had to pull from an old favorite band for the inspiration of this president’s message – see if the titles ring a bell!“


A warm welcome onto the SCMS Board of Trustees for Laura Fralich, MD, Sports Medicine and Family Medicine Physician and Dawn DeWitt, MD, Internal Medicine Physician! Fond farewell to John McCarthy, MD, Family Medicine, Darryl Potyk, MD, Internal Medicine, and Matthew Rawlins, MD, General Surgery. They put incredible energy into the Board and continue to make a difference in our medical community.


The board has adjusted our pillars to include emphasis on community building and an increase in advocacy efforts. Our new Focus Areas for the coming year will be a mix of the old and new:

  • Community Building, including an emphasis on volunteerism and partnering. This will still include our opiate focus as well.• Medical Education, including our Annual Event focus,

  • Medical Education Committee, Annual 1-day CME “Medicine 2019” every fall, and Medical Education articles in the message.• Advocacy, In addition to the prior years’ participation at the WSMA House of Delegates Annual Meeting, we would like to make sure our members understand how they can make a difference. Please see the article in this issue for more information.

  • Provider collegiality. We continue to hold our annual cruise and our mixers. We will also continue to reassess how this meets the needs of our membership and adjust it as we progress.


Happenings since our last MessageOur annual meeting was a panel discussion of the “Conversation Around Opioid Prescribing”. It was great to have our local providers attend with an open forum to discuss issues we all face. Additionally we held a mixer at Rockwood South Hill and by time this gets to you, we will have had our first volunteer event supporting Blessings Under The Bridge.


Please keep an eye out for future volunteer events. These will be a mix of opportunities to give back to the community without the medical side, to rejuvenate, and to do so with your family at your side if you wish.


Medicine 2019 will additionally be held on October 25th at the Rockwood South Hill Event Center. This is a beautiful space with ample parking, a great way to earn CME on primary care topics, and see the familiar faces of colleagues and friends. “ALL TOGETHER NOW”The SCMS is your organization for local connections and friends, a break from the day-to-day stressors. If you haven’t renewed your SCMS Membership or know someone who hasn’t joined, encourage them to do so. Otherwise, consider joining us for events, reaching out to us with suggestions, or letting us know if you’d like to get involved with the board or advocacy topics.


P.S. If you didn’t get through this article without one of those Beatles songs in your head, you might have to dust off the old vinyl (or music account).




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