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President's Message

By Deborah Wiser, MD | SCMS President


"Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul." - Amy Collette

I’m all for a fire of joy in my soul, so here goes...

Thank you to the members of the Spokane County Medical Society for supporting our local medical community, for giving to your patients in need, and for having the resilience needed to provide your services. It is not easy. We knew it going in to this profession, and we remember it when we get a challenging patient or have another overwhelming day. And yet how fulfilling to share in the joy and sorrow.

Thank you to the members of the Spokane County Medical Society Board and Task Forces for taking the extra hours out of your life to help shape our local medical environment and have a say in advocating for our profession and our patients.

Thank you to Shelly Bonforti, our Executive Director and she who makes it all happen! Throughout the year she puts on our events, reaches out to our membership, and brings in our partners to support the organization. And she does it all with unbridled enthusiasm!

Thank you to our medical education community. They all play in important role in propagating great patient care and medical integrity for our patients - medical school faculty, residency faculty, physician and physician assistant preceptors, and the resident physicians themselves. 2019 marks an all-time high in the number of medical students, residents, and certainly practitioners in Spokane.

Thank you to our community partners who help our patients get the services they need. From our homeless shelters to our local pharmacies and dentists, our medical network depends on the collaborative action of every member of this community. 2019 also marks a high point in the number and depth of collaborations in our community around healthcare. Many have been enabled by our local ACH, Better Health Together, but others by each of the six universities with a presence in our community, and many more by our individual members.

Thank you to you readers who have gotten this far in this statement of gratitude. My brief one year stretch of being the SCMS President taught me about the importance of community. It’s helped me connect with my peers and refresh the connection that remedies the personal sense of burden that modern-day medicine can sometimes give.
The most important one I saved for last. Thank you to our patients. Thank you for telling us what you need, for entrusting us to your care, keeping us honest and humble when you are struggling in our healthcare system, and for expressing your appreciation when we get it right.

Thanks everybody… onward to another year of hills and valleys, adventures and stalls, lessons and teachings, each of which provides material to feed gratitude. n

Thanks, Deb

Deborah Wiser, MD, 2019 SCMS President

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