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President's Message

Picture of John McCarthy, MD, President of SCMS

By John McCarthy, MD | SCMS President

A transformation in the medical society is starting to shape up and your SCMS Board would like you to be aware of this. The board has come to appreciate that the status quo in terms of how the society operates needs to transition. We are in the midst of visioning with respect to this; we have heard from our past presidents and are reaching out to our new physicians this month. At present, we are continuing with our current mission statement as being core to why we exist. We believe we play an important role in the community, though our role has morphed over the years. Historically, we transitioned from social convener and information exchanger, to credentialor, to more recently, physician voice of neutrality for local physicians while maintaining many other roles. This voice helps to focus our work across health systems, educational institutions, information technologies, legislative issues and prepare for an everchanging future.


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