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Spokane County Medical Society Committee Signup

Volunteer your time to serve your profession and our community by participating on any commitee in which you are interested. We need talented and able people to serve and become involved.

Carrying out the SCMS Mission to "serve as a guardian of community health and wellness while leading and promoting the professional practice of medicine" requires active physician and physician assistant engagement in SCMS committees. Your participation is critical to successfully achieving our mission, goals and strategic activities.

Check the box for any committee(s) in which you would like to participate and submit your form.

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MEDICAL EDUCATION TASK FORCE (meets 8 times a year at 5:30 p.m.) Advocates, promotes and celebrates undergraduate and graduate medical education in Spokane/Eastern Washington; facilitates integration of local medical providers and health systems with medical education; encourages and supports collaboration among the medical community, civic and business leaders, academic programs/institutions and elected representatives to build, strengthen and expand medical education locally.
MEDICAL INFORMATICS (meets 10 times per year at 7:00 a.m.) Studies, helps develop and evaluates medical information tools and resources; informs and educates members regarding developments in electronic medical records and other office or personal data systems and coordinates medical office activities with community medical information system developments and physician/physician assistant perspectives on such issues.

Special Committees are appointed and meet as needed.

GRIEVANCE (meets as needed) Considers and recommends action to the Board of Trustees on complaints arising from patients and third parties.
PEER REVIEW (meets as needed) Makes an investigation concerning matters alleged and, if further action is required, refers directly to the Board of Trustees who follows the course of action outlined in the bylaws.
BYLAWS Responsible for ensuring the bylaws are up-to-date, workable and effective.

If you are interested in serving on one
of our boards or as an alternate delegate, please check the box below.

WSMA ALTERNATE DELEGATE (09/30/17 - 10/01/17)

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