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2024 Women in Medicine | Faculty

Planning Committee Members’ Disclosure Statement

Dr. Laura Fralich and Shelly Bonforti report no potential conflicts of interest or affiliations with any corporate organizations.

Sarah Carlson, CLU, CHFC, CFP

Founder, Private Wealth Advisor

Sarah Carlson, CLU, CHFC, CFP has over 30 years’ experience as the financial life manager to many of our community’s most talented professionals.

Disclosure Statement: Sarah Carlson reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Michelle K. Fossum

Sayre Sayre & Fossum, P.S.

Michelle K. Fossum has been practicing law in Spokane and the surrounding area since 1990. Michelle’s practice includes advising employers with respect to employment related issues, serving as legal counsel in employment related litigation, and representing special purpose districts. Michelle is regularly retained to present seminars, conduct employment related investigations, and provide training throughout Washington on a wide range of topics. Michelle is committed to providing exceptional legal advice in a personalized manner to each of her clients. Originally from North Dakota, Michelle obtained her B.A. degree from Eastern Washington University in 1987. She went on to Gonzaga University School of Law and graduated cum laude in 1990. Michelle is licensed in both Washington and Idaho. Michelle also taught Employment Law for Business at Whitworth University from 1999 through 2018. When not working, Michelle loves spending time with her family and being in the outdoors.

Disclosure Statement: Michelle Fossum reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Marjorie Denis, MD, MHA MIT

Mother of one awesome son
Director of Development (Fundraising) Georgia – Haitian Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (
CEO, MDMD Consulting
Morehouse Researcher on Cardiovascular Disease in Women
Education Consultant, Medical Technology Management Institute
Professional Speaker, Georgia State University

Marjorie Denis, MD, MHA MIT is an Organized Healthcare Administrator passionate about improving individual and community health through education and public awareness; a professional renowned for her expertise in quality control and assurance within the healthcare sector. With a passion for improving patient outcomes and ensuring the highest standards of care, Dr. Denis has dedicated her career to implementing effective quality management systems in various healthcare settings. Her academic journey has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements, risk assessment, process improvement, and patient safety protocols. As a thought leader and advocate for quality driven healthcare, Dr. Denis continues to leverage her expertise and influence to shape the future of the industry, inspiring other to join her in the mission to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes for all. Dr. Denis offers a 15-year history of educating community members on disease prevention and health management; and leverages public speaking events, workshops and training seminars to increase awareness and network with industry leaders to identify new resources.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Denis reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Sherri Lynch, PhD

Assistant Dean, School of Leadership Studies
Gonzaga University

Sherri Lynch, PhD is the Assistant Dean of the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. A trained sales and marketing professional for most of her professional career, Sherri has worked in a variety of industries, from pharmaceutical to retail. In higher ed. since 2014, Sherri has worked to provide corporations with access to leadership education, ranging from professional development to graduate level. Sherri founded the Women Lead initiative at Gonzaga, with a mission to educate and empower women toward personal and career advancement. Sherri co-designed and teaches in the Certificate in Women’s Leadership Program at Gonzaga and is a faculty member in the Comprehensive Leadership Program, an undergraduate leadership program. Sherri’s doctoral research focused on women’s leadership and the ways women build community. She frequently speaks at conferences and events, focusing on leader identity, emotional intelligence, and female leadership topics.

Sherri obtained her Bachelor of Arts, her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies degrees from Gonzaga University. She serves as Vice Chair for the Board of Directors at Canopy Credit Union in Spokane and is a member of the Board of Directors for the YWCA of Spokane. Sherri enjoys spending time outdoors in her off time, training for her next adventure, and traveling the world with her family.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Lynch reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Jen Westra, ACC

Coach/Owner, Life on Purpose Coaching

Jen Westra, ACC is on a mission to help women unlearn the stories and beliefs holding them back so that they can be unstoppable! As an ICF-certified coach, she works with women who doubt themselves and second-guess their decisions and helps them create lives of passion, purpose, and possibility. She holds a master’s degree in Women’s Studies from Rutgers University and a Certificate in Women’s Leadership Gonzaga University.

Disclosure Statement: Jen Westra reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

R. Kim Hartwig, MD

Medical Director, Nimiipuu Health
Nez Perce Tribe

R. Kim Hartwig, MD is a member of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho, and of Navajo/Cowichin descent. Dr. Hartwig is a board-certified Family Physician who is currently the Medical Director for her tribe. Dr. Hartwig is a leader in Indian Country and is passionate about holistic healing and cultural driven care. Dr. Hartwig’s dedication to Indian Country places her in many leadership roles, such as on the Leadership Committee for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Healthy Brain Roadmap for Indian Country. Dr. Hartwig sits on the Idaho WWAMI University of Washington School of Medicine Faculty and Admissions Committee. Dr. Hartwig is on the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians Board. Dr. Hartwig has received the Portland Area Director’s Award for COVID-19 Pandemic Heroism and was recently made aware that she was selected as the Idaho WWAMI Alumnus of the year for 2024.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Hartwig reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Radha Nandagopal, MD

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Continuing Professional Development
Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

Radha Nandagopal, MD is a Spokane native, graduate of UWSOM and practicing pediatric endocrinologist. She is currently the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Continuing Professional Development and associate professor at the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. She is passionate about advancing women in leadership and in helping junior faculty build communication and negotiation skills. She loves to fiber arts, gardening, baking - usually with her 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 spouse.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Nandagopal reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Tamara Brining, PA-C, MMSc

Physician Associate
Emergency Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery

Tamara Brining, PA-C, MMSc A "Spokanite" born and raised. Yale Physician Associate School of Medicine graduate with over 13 years of Emergency Department experience and 7 years as Assistant Medical Director/Lead PA-C. Recent transition to full-time Providence Sports Medicine Surgery practice. Ongoing preceptor for PA and NP students in her ED and Orthopaedic practices. Lover of running, biking, secondhand shopping, as well as spending time with her husband and two small wild children.

Disclosure Statement: Tamara Brining reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Erin LaHonta, PT, DPT

Clinic Director
U-District PT Kendall Yards

Erin LaHonta, PT, DPT received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Gonzaga University then moved to Denver where she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University and was class president. Erin has a lengthy history at U-District since 2008 and is now in the role of clinic director at the Kendall Yards location. She has a passion for leadership and individual development. She derives joy from working with a variety of people, from kids to older adults, with all manners of lifestyles, hobbies, and goals. Erin’s other full-time job is raising her three young children into good humans and toting her husband along on the journey.

Disclosure Statement: Erin LaHonta reports receiving employment wages from U-District PT where she serves as Clinic Director. The planning committee reviewed the information, and it was determined there are no conflicts.

Heidi Petersen, AT-Ret

Heidi Petersen, AT-Ret retired this past June from a forty plus year career as a BOC certified athletic trainer. Her professional experiences include serving as a sports medicine professional with seven NCAA D1 universities (including Stanford and Gonzaga Universities), women’s professional soccer, USA Volleyball, 1984 Olympic Games, numerous high schools, outpatient physical therapy clinics, in industrial settings, and as an AT in physician practice with Rockwood MultiCare Orthopedics.

Disclosure Statement: Heidi Petersen reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Gina Wolf , DC

Chiropractor, Owner
Wolf Chiropractic Clinic

Gina Wolf, DC is a 1993 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West and is the owner of a multi-specialty interdisciplinary clinic specializing in conservative musculoskeletal and spine care. She utilizes a variety of low force and traditional chiropractic techniques and her model of collaborative care with medical professionals provides a multi-dimensional approach to patient care. She is the founder of WorkingHealth, a company that integrates safety and wellness education for private industry and federal government employees. As an active proponent of injury prevention, she uses her clinical expertise to educate the public on issues such as back safety and repetitive use injuries. Dr. Wolf is an active member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association. She has served in multiple leadership roles within the American Chiropractic Association and currently serves as the Chair of the Ethics Committee for the ACA.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Wolf reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.

Christine Cronin, DPT

U-Inspire Leadership Coach
U-District Physical Therapy

Christine Cronin, DPT is passionate about living life fully. She loves people, leadership and creating healing and inspiring environments. She has been working as a physical therapist at U-District PT since 2008. In 2018 she and her two business partners created a leadership program for their team. In the last 5 years her professional emphasis has been serving the team at U-District, writing, leadership coaching, leading their Encouragement Team and creating and sustaining Kindness Cultures.

Disclosure Statement: Christine Cronin reports no potential conflicts of interest or affiliation with any corporate organizations.